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In-Home Meal Preparation

Your busy schedule shouldn’t stop you and your family from enjoying nutritious, tasty meals!


Professionals and families often rely on expensive carry-out meals that are high in fat and sodium, or they quickly throw together easy recipes that are neither healthy nor satisfying. 


My meals are designed with you in mind. 


Here’s what to expect when you hire me:


  • An interview with your family to understand what you like to eat and what your dietary goals and limitations are.

  • Planned weekly menus catered to your likes.

  • Ingredients sourced from the vendor of your choice (like farmers markets, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Vintage Grocers, etc.)

  • The tedious task of preparing family meals taken “off your plate!”

Meal prep Westwood

How does it work?

  • Three days before your weekly cook day, you receive an email with the week's menu.

  • You choose which dishes you want me to make for you.

  • On the cook day, I shop and come to your home at an agreed-upon time.

  • I cook, package, and label your food. I'll also plate a meal for you and your family if you're at home.

  • I clean up and leave you with food for the week.

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